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Embarking on our journey in 2021, Amber Coast Helicopters quickly ascended to become the official dealer of Ultralight helicopters in the Baltics. Our foundational partnership with UL-Helicharter & Service has allowed us to showcase premier models like HC 02 and Conner K1, while our alliance with Mamba AIR delivers the esteemed CH77 Ranabot.



  • Aleksis Šagbazjans

    Digital Navigator
  • Saila Plociņa

    Brand Architect
  • Guntars Lapiņš

    Flight Pathfinder & Co-Founder
  • Haralds Šagbazjans

    Fleet Commander & Operational Maestro
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how it all started

becoming the owner of "Amber Coast Helicopters"

Haralds Šagbazjans, the hot-headed motor sportsman of the 90s, with 30 years of business experience, decided to take on a new challenge in 2021, becoming the owner of "Amber Coast Helicopters".

Harald does not hide that one of the most important goals when founding ACH was to have his son Alex present. Alex's goal is to become the youngest Ultralight helicopter pilot and certified instructor in Latvia, which reflects not only his personal ambitions, but a serious approach to career choice.

"Amber Coast Helicopters" has become a place where Alexis and other aviation enthusiasts can receive advice to develop their piloting skills and promote the development of the Ultralight helicopter in Latvia.

The family's joint mission and passion for aviation is the cornerstone of the company, which encourages participation in the development of the entire industry and enrolls Latvia in the Ultralight helicopter industry.

Our Expertise


Guntars Lapiņš, co-owner of "Amber Cost Helicopters", started his career in aviation in 2006, obtaining his license in Long Beach, California.

In 2008, he obtained a commercial pilot's license for helicopters (CPL(H)). Guntar has piloted various types of helicopters, including Robinson, Bell and Airbus, officially piloting around six types and unofficially over ten, including three Ultralight aviation helicopter types.

With a total of approximately 2,000 flight hours, he has flown all over the Northern Hemisphere, including Africa.

Guntar's extensive experience and passion for flying inspires every aviation enthusiast, inviting him to indulge his passions and create a career that allows him to "fly through the clouds" every day.



Saila Plociņa is a marketing specialist and video producer whose life is guided by the saying, "The sky is the limit."

When she heard about the opportunity to get an Ultralight helicopter license, she accepted new challenges without hesitation. After a test flight and getting to know the Amber Coast Helicopters team, Saila realized that the opportunity to fly fulfills childhood dreams and breaks stereotypes about Ultralight helicopters.

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, Guntar, Saila discovered that the purpose of flying does not have to be just an adrenaline rush. Getting up in the air stops the anxious mind, learning each new skill builds confidence, theory helps you look at things much more significantly, and Amber Coast Helicopters club members build a sense of community and belonging.

Together, they create an unprecedented and personality-changing experience. Saila immediately felt the vision of the company and, with great excitement, got involved in the daily life of Amber Coast Helicopters to obtain an Ultralight helicopter license and help convey the vision of Amber Coast Helicopters to others.