THE Leading Ultralight Helicopter Dealers in the Baltics


Our partner, MAMBA AIR, brings 17 years of expertise in ultralight helicopter import

"MAMBA AIR" is a Czech-based company that has been engaged in the import, assembly and operation of Ultralight helicopters for 17 years, also offering maintenance and pilot training services.

The company works with such models as CH-7 Kompress, CH-7 Charlie and CH-77 Ranabot, serving customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and now also us in Latvia.


UL-Helicharter & Service

Proudly served as the official dealers for the innovative Hungaro Copter HC - 02 and Konner K1

In collaboration with the company UL-Helicharter & Service, since 2022, Amber Coast Helicopters has been the official dealer of Ultralight helicopters HUNGARO COPTER HC-02 and KONNER K1 in the Baltic region.

Johannes Ernsts serves as the European representative for the Hungarian helicopter manufacturer Hungarocopter.


UL-Helicharter & Service Based in Adelshofen, Germany

Under his leadership, UL-Helicharter & Service has been responsible for the certification process of several models in Germany, including the two-seater helicopter HC-02.

UL-Helicharter & Service has purchased, tested, and sold several helicopters to gain a thorough understanding of how each operates under different conditions.

UL-Helicharter & Service offers a wide range of services, including training, maintenance, and helicopter leasing.

The company is based in Adelshofen, Germany.